Government and Citizenship

Isaroth is a republic based monarchy. Citizens elect representative consul members for their regions: Five from each large town, 10 from each city.

Citizenship is earned by men by either:

  • Completing skilled training at a University or through select apprenticeships.
  • Serving 7 years in the military.

Women earn citizenship by:

  • Marriage to a citizen
  • Completing skilled training at a University or through a select apprenticeships.
    (Women lose citizenship if they marry a non-citizen)

Citizenship my also be granted by the Emperor/Emperoress, or a Lord/Lady.

Consul Members: Elections held every 5 years. Members hold their seat until they retire.

The Consul members meet with their Lords/Ladies to discuss issues every month. Certain laws are handled at region level.

Lords/Ladies: Birthright, or designated by the Emperor/Emperoress.

Every three months, Lords/Ladies meet with Advisory on matters that are handled at a Empire level. Emperor will be present if he feels the need to be there.

Advisory: Retired Consul Members, as well as select noble officials appointed by Lords/Ladies.

Meets with the Emperor as needed.

Annual gathering of all parties

There is an annual gathering in Galras, usually with lots of celebration.

Government and Citizenship

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