Isaroth Organization

The leadership of Isaroth is broken up between the House of Lords and Ladies and the military. Both reporting Emperor. All major motions are held in front of Isaroth’s Advisory, which consist mostly of Elders that have retired from the professional careers, both noble and military. The Advisory has the power to appeal any motion for further consideration.

Emperor Thiodus (Human Fully Trained Knight), resides in the Palace of Galras

Thiodus is responsible for the all of the realm, but he delegates responsibility to his noble council members and the military leaders. His main focus is to grow Isaroth into a prosperous Empire.

Emperoress Tatianna (Elf Sorceress): wife of Thiodus, sister of Madeia, resides in the Palace of Galras

Tatianna is known for her parties and celebrations. Her role in the realm is to maintain and strengthen important relationships, both within and outside of the realm. She oversees the work of Empire’s Ambassadors, but acts as one on her own as well. She also manages all Palace affairs.

Domitain: Noble Lord of the Northern Citizens, resides in the Manor of Oblin

Elix: Noble Lord of Central Citizens, resides in the Manor of Jixan

Madeia (Elf Sorceress): Noble Lady of Southern Citizens, elder sister to Tatianna, widow of former Lord Miles, Resides in the Manor of Ofeil

Lucas (Half Elf Knight): Lord of the Eastern Citizens, younger half brother to Thiodus.

Isaroth Organization

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